A wholesome breakfast

is served in the dining room, usually between 8.30 and 9.30am, or at a different time by arrangement.

We can accommodate special dietary requirements, allergies, or dislikes, so please advise us.

We serve you

from a selection of homemade muesli and/or granola, other cereals, the day’s prepared fruit, Greek-style yogurt, and Wye Valley honey, while you are waiting for your freshly cooked breakfast to be prepared. The choice is usually a Full English (sausage, bacon, black pudding, tomatoes, mushrooms, potato rösti and baked beans) or any combination of the ingredients, with eggs cooked as you like. A daily alternative usually includes smoked salmon. Breads (white, wholemeal and sourdough), marmalade and jams are all homemade.

We source

wherever possible, our breakfast ingredients from our richly provided area.

Our sausages are made from the now-rare breed of pig, the Middle White, at Huntsham Court Farm ( https://www.huntsham.com/ ), which is on the way to Symonds Yat Rock. An interesting fact: Middle Whites are rarer than Pandas! The sausages are also gluten free!

Middle Whites are not suitable for making bacon, so we have sourced our bacon from Model Farm (https://modelfarmshop.org/ ) just outside Ross-on-Wye, a Wiltshire bacon from Sandridge Farm.

The tea we serve is “Yorkshire Tea” and a freshly ground coffee “Organic Caffe Naturelle” beans from local roaster, James Gourmet Coffee in Ross-on-Wye. They can also send orders out by post if you are interested. (https://jamesgourmetcoffee.com/product/organic-caffe-naturelle-250g/).

Our eggs come from Lower Bellamore (https://www.country-flavours.co.uk/ ), a free-range, organic farm of many generations, situated near Preston-on-Wye near Hereford.

We regularly serve smoked salmon, which we source from the Severn & Wye Smokery ( https://severnandwye.co.uk/ ). They are situated on the edge of the Royal Forest of Dean, between the two great salmon rivers the Wye and the Severn.

We also have two colonies of honeybees, so there is usually home-produced honey available with your breakfast.




Flours for bread and cakes are sourced from Shipton Mill in the Cotswolds (https://www.shipton-mill.com/the-mill ).

When in season, we use locally grown asparagus or spinach for our breakfasts with some coming from our own asparagus and vegetable garden. We also have our own apple and pear trees. Where we can, fruit used for breakfast has been grown locally, the use of polytunnels extending the fruit growing season.

The apple juice that we have sourced is grown, pressed, and bottled at Birchley, near Ledbury, by Jane and James Skittery, on their family farm (https://www.jusapples.co.uk/ ). Sourcing orange juice locally was just too challenging!